Over 25 years helping to address a host of health concerns providing compassionate, holistic support on the path to wellness.

Nutrition Counseling

True wellness could be described as a state of being deeply nourished on every level—physical, emotional, and spiritual. My goal is to help you find this state of nourishment, providing compassionate, holistic support on the path to wellness. I approach each counseling session as an investigative collaboration—a kind of nutritional sleuthing process that examines your individual history and needs.

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Nutrition for Immune Defense

Missed school days, time away from work, general exhaustion—too many children and families struggle each year with colds and other upper respiratory infections. But nutritional solutions can help! Let’s work together to build your immune defenses, keeping you and your family healthy from late fall right through the winter into early spring.

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Nutrition for Teens

Struggling to have a productive conversation about food, meals, and health issues with your teen? Let me help. I can add information and strategies, inspiration and fun to the family conversation, providing expertise about food choices, nutrients and supplements, and a healthy lifestyle.

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Nutrition-Minded Cuisine

These one-dish recipes are simple, healthy—and delicious. Turkey chipotle chili, chickpea curry, culture clash stir-fry, quinoa tabouli, Mediterranean fish stew, and more—these are just a few examples from the hundreds of tailored recipes in my collection, including dozens from my own kitchen.

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“Working with Ranan has been nothing short of life-changing! For 15 years I struggled with poor immunity. Ranan was the first healthcare professional to figure out that I was anemic. I’ve never felt better!”

— Michelle B.

How can I help you?

As a clinical nutritionist in private practice for more than 25 years, I have worked with thousands of clients—individuals, couples, and families, helping to address a host of health concerns and providing compassionate support on the path to wellness.

My goal, in partnership with you, is to compose the right “recipe” of nutritional solutions for you at this point in your life—and I look forward to talking with you about how I can help. Learn more about me here.