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Nutrition Counseling

Finding the nutritional keys to wellness means, first and foremost, accurate listening—to the whole person. In an in-depth interview, we’ll explore your history, nutrition-related symptoms, and previous dietary strategies, as well as any limiting habits, attitudes, and issues. A number of functional and lifestyle obstacles could be hindering your progress toward optimal nutrition and wellness:

  • Insufficient digestive enzymes/absorption/“leaky gut”
  • Allergy sensitivity to foods/food chemicals
  • Imbalanced microflora/dysbiosis
  • Insufficient sources of protein, vitamins/minerals, prebiotics/probiotics, or essential fatty acids (EFA)
  • Increased needs for detoxification
  • Imbalanced/disordered eating connected to body-image or related life issues

Our work together will involve an investigative collaboration—a kind of nutritional sleuthing aimed at integrative problem solving. As we uncover your particular obstacles and limitations, appropriate nutritional solutions will become clear. Results might include a number of tangible outcomes:

  • Personalized guidelines/menus
  • Vitamin/mineral/EFA/phytonutrient-rich foods to emphasize
  • Elimination/challenge strategies
  • Optimal supplementation plan
  • An improved understanding of eating attitudes/habits and how to change them

Our counseling sessions will help you move forward, motivating you to make progress toward optimal nutrition and wellness.

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I have been a lecturer and panel discussion participant at a number of professional conferences for registered dietitians, nurses, physicians, and other health-care professionals. Lecture topics have included Vitamin and Mineral Nutrition, Food Allergies/Sensitivities, Nutrition and Holistic Health, and Case History Analysis. My presentations focus on the nutritional sleuthing tools I’ve developed in my own practice, helping participants to learn how to:

  • Develop background knowledge about vitamin and mineral nutrition
  • Analyze medical and nutritional histories regarding the sufficiency of vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid (EFA), and other nutrient intakes
  • Evaluate supplementation products in terms of safety, balance, and effectiveness
  • Take an effective food sensitivity history in order to develop an appropriate food suspect list
  • Practice effective interviewing techniques
  • Develop integrative nutrition history-taking methods

Speaking engagements have included a number of venues, locations, and audiences: 

  • Colorado Dietetic Association, Denver, CO
  • Florida Dietetic Association, Marco Island, FL
  • Massachusetts Dietetic Association, Boston & Beverly, MA
  • New Hampshire Dietetic Association, Manchester, NH
  • Maine Dietetic Association, Bangor, ME
  • New England Elderly Nutrition Regional Conference, Portsmouth, NH
  • South Carolina Dietetic Association, Hilton Head, SC
  • Utah Dietetic Association, Park City, UT

I enjoy working with both small and large groups, so get in touch to discuss working together or setting up a custom speaking engagement that meets your needs!

“More than 10 years ago, after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I made my first appointment with Ranan. I had considerable joint pain and swelling. Ranan suggested dietary changes, detected food allergies that were exacerbating my condition, and designed a targeted supplementation program that reduced inflammation. Using Ranan’s unique approach, I have been able to lead a healthy, active and mostly pain-free life.”

— Jennifer R.

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