Tweaked Ratatouille

A classic Provençal dish with a twist of Dijon, oregano, and chile pepper. Here’s another early-fall addition to your recipe repertoire, with touches of circulation-enhancing, heart-protecting heat from colorful chile peppers. Let’s also throw in powerful, oregano—which helps fight pathogens, enhancing probiotic balance in the GI tract—plus sage and rosemary, fresh from the fall garden. … Read more

Nutrition for Teens

Struggling to have a productive conversation about food, meals, and health issues with your teen? I can add information and strategies, inspiration and fun to the family conversation, providing expertise about food choices, nutrients and supplements, and a healthy lifestyle. Energy level, anemia, body-image, vegetarianism, a vegan diet, or sports-related nutrition—whatever the issue, teen clients … Read more

Nutrition for Immune Defense

Incessant colds, bronchitis, strep—these may seem like unavoidable seasonal afflictions. But they don’t need to be. Nutritional solutions can make all the difference. Vitamins, minerals, protein, immune-stimulating foods, and herbal therapies are all part of the answer. Zinc, vitamin C, elderberry, and astragalus are just a few of the strategies in the immunity tool chest. … Read more

Gibson’s Empire Applesauce

A taste of fall, with a touch of honey from guest chef Christina Gibson. Apples are a good source of soluble fiber with the potential to lower cholesterol and aid in digestion. They are also a significant source of several types of flavonoids, including quercitin, epicatechin, and chlorogenic acid, which are thought to help fight allergies, … Read more